Sat, 30 Sep 2006

Show 74a: 30 September 2006

Start: 21:04
End: 22:00

One Man's ShameWilliam Elliot WhitmoreSong of the Blackbird
Joe HillBilly Bragg2006 Reissue Sampler
.22 Caliber1986Nihilism is Nothing To Worry About
In The Hidden PlacesThe Mountain GoatsGet Lonely
Textures AsperoAM SyndicateEmpire
If You Don't Like It, Throw It in the RhineIn Ink PleaseFormica Table For Two
Eli, The Barrow BoyThe DecemberistsPicaresque
VersaillesPinbackNautical Antiques
Doctor WormJason TrachtenburgHello Radio: the songs of They Might Be Giants
A Pillar of SaltThe ThermalsThe Body The Blood The Machine
ShirtMenomenaPDX Pop Now! 2006

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